The Band

There are many bands that have made their influence on the music industry but this band has made their mark specifically on the heavy metal music genre. The In Flame band is one that has its original members but others have already not a member and others are new. But there is still the original member that includes the founder. This band has been established by Jesper Stromblad. He is a guitarist and he forms the band in the year of 1990 in Gothenburg in the country of Sweden.

The band has its brothers in the field which was also established which is the Dark Tranquility and  At The Gates. Together they have formed the foundation of death metal genres which is the Swedish genre and melodic. Many bands have cited this band as their source of inspiration and the influence is shown in their works.

At the beginning of the life of the band, the other musicians who performed together with them are not formal members of the band. They joined with specific shows and albums. But they are not made as a member.

This is also for their benefit as they get to have experimented in their music styles that even if they are not liked at first by some fans but they became their beginning to a great music. They already sold millions of albums and they have a wide stream of fans that when they have a concert, many show up and have their great time. There are many also of their albums and songs that are popular into the heavy metal fans.